Sebastian Beus

About Sebastian

Passionate music lovers of bumpin’ rhythms, lovely sounds and housy sounds have a listen.. All this you will find and get in Sebastian Beus aka Echorama.

His ambition to work with veraatile elements to find the right sound for the actual venue he is playing in, is definitely his focus. And the most important, Sebastian knows his job a 100%.

His regular followers from all over the world, saw him playing dj sets alongside Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos and Sven Vaeth (to name some of the big artists he was playing with).

His productions are mostly far away of what he is doing in his dj sets. Here Sebastian is presenting himself very versatile, without staying in one genre, and keeps doing what he loves to do. Producing barrier free electronic music.

No matter if it’s electro, house, techno, acid, or something more airy and emotional, his repertoire is amazing. This may come from his passion for the sounds of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Jean Michel Jarre, where his musical inspiration as a young teenager is coming from, and helped him beside his training in his studio ro sign a remix for a part of the well known production duo Jam & Spoon, which had a huge sucess in European countries, such as Germany,Uk and Italy.

In 2010 Sebastian left Germany to start working on and in his new project, Ibiza.

After years of settling down on the island, and getting familiar with the scene, Sebastian decided to go back into the studio to follow his passion and what he love to do
– Music!

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