About Sapporo

Vittorio aka Sapporo is an italian Dj/Producer.

He was born in Milan in 1991, in which he has discovered and experienced the principals underground scenes.

His passion for Music led the way from the dancefloor to the dj booth. At the same time it made him come across to the world of music production in his youth.

Thanks to Hydra and Kick The Beat projects and parties, SAPPORO started playing beside artists such as Marco Effe, Gregor Tresher, Anil Aras, Cinthie, Stefano Di Miceli, Rufus, Andrea Di Rocco, Lawrence Kurt…

The "Brotherhood-rapport" with the other resident-djs of KTB (Andrea Nulli, Poltergeist) is one of the key elements in influencing his music selection, together with the London's experience in which he learned how to deeply appreciate the raw and dub sonorities of the Uk House.


Currently, Dj Resident at Kick The Beat

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