Concept Of Thrill

About Concept Of Thrill

Concept Of Thrill is one of the most characteristic persons on polish techno stage. Every production from him, no matter whether it refers to tribal motility or leaked with futurism, in some way nudges the classic techno boundaries.

His music for Sonntag Morgen, Circular Limited and Cenopath records were presented live and in DJ sets all over Poland, as well as in Berlin Tresor or Griessmuehle.

Member of the Playground event project. Head of the DRVMS LTD label. which focuses mainly on promoting young techno producers.

Concept is also on the list of one of the best series of techno podcasts, such as: Pole Group, Hate, On The 5th Day or Invite. Recently, his records found their place on labels such as Granulart, Tsunami Records or on the vinyl compilation "Alter Nos" published on Absolute Records.

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